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We service event clients around the globe and pride ourselves on being people who combine long-term experience with innovative thinking.
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I talk too much, find humour in everything and get sh*t done. I'm passionate about CrowdComms and delivering brilliant event tech.

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I am addicted to true crime podcasts, my kids keep me on my toes and Im passionate about making every event a success with the help of CrowdComms' people & technology.

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Over 20 years IT project and program experience. Bringer of calm and order the crazy ones. Lover of the gym... to allow for love of wine and chocolate.


Senior project manager, lover of all things cars and tech.

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I listen to ideas, cook up my own and make decisions based on what's best for the clients and the company.

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Peter Hair

Passionate for tech, people and great causes. Dad of three, master juggler, terrible dancer.

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Dee Brannick

I love seeing the creative ways our clients use our apps and how our team support them with such passion and enthusiasm.

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Felix Stroud-Allen

I'm a health-obsessed hill runner who does a little bit of everything.

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Cheerful and keen to learn everything new... oh, and awesome of course!

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I help to give stunning visuals and interactive life to event projects. Passionate about football and audiovisual.


The Irish connection. Soccer Mad Dad of 3. Widely known as Uncle Bun!

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Word spinner and content creator, I'm passionate about the power of storytelling. I also enjoy listening to obscure music and rock climbing (often at the same time)

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The team here at CrowdComms is fun, innovative and hard-working. We also have a ping pong table.

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Ed works with our partners to bring their ideas to life. He loves dancing. Listening to music and camping.


Head of Dev, always excited about the future of tech. Enjoys reading science fiction and playing video games

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Our work environment is fun and progressive, everyone is able to grow and learn from each other and encounter new situations every day.

Event Tech specialists passionate about delivering creative and innovative solutions

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