Wayfinding and Interactive Mapping

Events are busy places with your attendees looking to make the most of their time. Help them experience everything your event has to offer with our interactive maps and point-to-point wayfinding.

custom conference app

Location, Location, Location

Move quickly through the event venue

A busy or large conference venue can be tricky to navigate. Our interactive maps and wayfinding functionality make it easy for attendees to find what they’re looking for, from stands to sessions to the best coffee.

The less time your guests spend getting themselves from A to B, the longer they have to make the most of what they find when they get there.


Features at a Glance

• Custom and scalable interactive maps

• Unlimited number of target destinations, including session venues, meeting rooms, amenities and stands

• Point-to-point wayfinding

• Chosen destination can be selected via QR scanning or selection from a dropdown

• Link POIs to session tracking to analyse attendee behaviour in real time

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