Live Polling & Q&A

Make your attendees part of the conversation with Live Polling and Q&A. Ease of use combined with real-time results will get your crowd asking and answering questions in no time.
polling and qea event app feature, let attendees interact, answer speaker's polling, make questions and message

Open Up A Conversation During Event Sessions

Live Polling: a powerful event app feature to engage your crowd

Speakers love the opportunity to engage with their audience and by using Live Polling they can do just that.

Event organisers gather questions in advance and post them to the app at the relevant time during the presentations.

Results are then broadcast in real-time up on the big screen and update as the answers flood in. It's an exciting and dynamic way to encourage vibrant discussions!

event maker app
event maker app


Give attendees a voice with our Q&A feature.

Audience members can submit questions or comments throughout a presentation via the app. These can be moderated before being approved and sent to the speaker for response.

The up-voting function ensures the most popular questions rise to the top of the list, giving the speaker an insight into the crowds hot topics.

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