Lead Capture

Help your exhibitors to maximise their return on investment using our intuitive lead management system. Using their own device, exhibitors scan attendee badges, access profile info and capture, manage and export their own leads.

Make Meaningful Connections During and After Your Event Or Conference

Lead Capture App: the easiest way to generate leads at the event

Sifting through hundreds of business cards to fish out relevant leads, inputting them into databases and chasing them all up is a laborious task. Thankfully our lead capture feature makes this a thing of the past.

Now exhibitors and sponsors can capture leads in moments via their mobile device. They simply scan a guest’s badge to transfer the details straight into the secure CMS. We can even help with pre-scan qualifying questions to make sure each and every lead is the perfect fit.

Lead Capture
Lead Capture

Features at a glance

• Quick and simple data capture with personal devices

• Instant conversions

• Functionality fully integrated with the app

• Data available in real time, maximising networking efforts

• Vastly improved ROI for exhibitors

• Customisable data fields to include qualifying questions

• Unlimited space for note taking per each lead

• Simple scoring system to categorise lead by quality

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