engage the crowd, attendees, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors with the event app

Engage Your Crowd

High engagement means making your event content immersive, interesting and exciting.
CrowdComms delivers the solutions you need to keep your crowd fully absorbed.

Our event app regularly achieves over 85% adoption rates.  Thanks to addictive features such as in-app coffee ordering, social media feeds and interactive agendas, your crowd will squeeze all the goodness from your event content.

How To Engage Your Crowd

social media feed activity, attendees can post photos or comments about what they are seeing and enjoying during the event in the event app

Social Media Feed

All the buzz, none of the problems. Let your crowd loose on social media to share event photos, comments and likes. Our in-app activity feed keeps content exclusive to the event, which means the focus stays where it should be.


Help busy attendees make the most of their time.  Get them get to sessions and exhibitor booths fast using our interactive mapping and wayfinder.
coffee ordering is the feature that allows attendees order coffee through the event app, a powerful way to engage prople

In-App Coffee Ordering

Go the extra mile and offer our in-app coffee ordering. Give your crowd a brew-tiful start to the event with hassle free coffee that delivers quick cups and tiny queues.

Interactive Agenda

Last minute agenda changes? No Problem! Event updates are communicated in real-time via a push notification to keep everyone in the loop. If you only need to communicate with a select group, such as VIPs, that’s easy too.

Enhance the attendee experience with personalised content. Include session choices in a personal agenda linked to their calendar or let them build their own using bookmarks.

push notification about changes and news in event app, the interactive agenda feature to engage attendee in the conference

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